3 And A Half Natural Alternatives to Therapy For Anxiety

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In this post I want to start to help you change the anxious fearful conditioning you as an anxiety sufferer is going through. I want to try and open up your mind to new ideas, and a whole new set of tools and natural solutions that will not only save you a ton of money, but will help you gain some positive momentum towards ending your debilitating anxiety naturally.


Some of these solutions and suggestions might make you want to roll your eyes and go ‘not this again,’ but I encourage you to step away from that way of thinking for just a few moments, and understand and apply what I want to teach you. This will take some courage from you to step out of your comfort zone and possibly do things you may not be totally comfortable doing, but in the long run these suggestions will take you farther much quicker then MOST anxiety therapy sessions.


(If you haven’t already read the post 3 Big Reasons You Should Consider Alternatives To Anxiety Therapy, Start there before reading on)

Natural Alternative To Anxiety Therapy 1/2:


Yes this is the half part from that strange title I made up. It’s not really a natural alternative, but a MUST DO and possibly the most decide that anxiety must be stoppedpowerful part before you do anything else. I can hear you now, this must be a joke… but before you jump to those kinds of judgements let me explain. I’ve put decide as the first natural alternative to anxiety therapy because of a few reasons: Reason #1 is that most people believe it or not DON’T decide, and jump head first into anti anxiety medications, anxiety therapy, herbs for anxiety or any other solution they believe will work fast to stop the cycle of anxiety they are going through. Like anything, if you don’t have a plan to stop your anxiety naturally and jump from one tool to another, don’t expect any results. But even before that plan, you need to decide and get to the point of what I like to call ‘NO RETURN.’ Once you get to the point of no return only then can you begin your journey out of debilitating anxiety. So how fed up are you with your anxiety, are you willing to look at this as a long term plan and accepts setbacks as they come? AWESOME! You have now begun to take power back, and are on the path to turning a monster into a fly… in time.

Natural Alternative To Anxiety Therapy #1

Find A Mentor

If I want to learn how to play basketball I go on google or youtube and look up coaches who are running drills etc, and carefullyhow to stop anxiety show you the ins and outs of how to play basketball. Then I ask for help. If I want to learn how to cook I would do the same thing. If you want to stop your anxiety naturally you don’t need an anxiety therapist who has most probably been studying about anxiety for years, without experiencing the pain of a full blown panic attack, or the feelings of constant fear and anxious thoughts related to your health for example. I’ve run into tons of people over the past few years that have stopped their anxiety naturally, and keep asking the question… why don’t people ask for help from me more often? believe it or not the ones who have overcome their panic and anxiety are not superhuman, they don’t have secrets that you don’t know of, but they had a plan and consistently implemented that plan in order to change their anxious thinking and heal their tired emotions and body. They are more then willing to share this info with you, so find yourself a mentor whether that’s through a blog online or another way and begin building a relationship with them.

Natural Alternative To Anxiety Therapy #2


Ok exercise may or may not be your thing, and I truly understand the reasons such as your health anxiety and fear of your heart blowing up, lump in the throat feeling or things that like that may bereasons for stress and anxiety preventing you from exercising. I also understand that anxiety can wear you down and you may be feeling extremely tired and not in the mood. I’ve been there, and i’ve also ran into people telling me to exercise over and over again to help me with my own health anxiety struggles. But having been in your anxious shoes, I truly wouldn’t be wasting your time in telling you the importance of exercise if I didn’t wholeheartedly believe it would help you in more ways then one. Exercise creates new brain cells which also get shut down when they don’t need to be put into action… great for anxiety! Exercise produces a pattern of calm and peace in certain areas in the brain… awesome! Finally exercise gives you up to 30% lower risk when it comes to chronic depression, all good. Many anxiety sufferers also believe you need to exercise for hours in order to feel any benefits, totally false. 15 to 20 minutes of medium to high intensity walks each day is plenty to help you with your heightened levels of anxiety. So do something your future calm self will thank you for and plan something small, and physical to do starting today!

Natural Alternative To Anxiety Therapy #3

An Elastic Band

Ok you may think i’ve gone over the deep-end with this one, but hear me out. I’ve witnessed so called ‘miracles’ when it comes toways to replace anxious conditioning natural anxiety relief, simply by doing things that seem too simple properly and consistently. Once you’ve gotten to the point of no return and have made a firm decision, found a mentor to help you with proven strategies and solutions that has worked for them, begun slowly building up your confidence and have planned out a daily exercise routine, it’s time to send your mind a new message when the thoughts of fear and anxiety present themselves. I want you to get an elastic band, strap it around your wrist, and when you feel like you’re headed down a road of consistent thoughts that are either rational or irrational that cause you anxiety… give that elastic band a sharp ‘SNAP.’ What does this do? In time you’ll be sending signals to your mind that those fearful thoughts you experience over and over must be stopped and have an ending point, and that ending point is the snap you provide with the elastic band. This signal means that it’s time to concentrate your thoughts and actions towards a new direction. There is no more fighting the thoughts, no more running from them, no more escalating them further. Only an acknowledgment that they go no farther, and as this happens you immediately turn your focus to something more important that needs to be done.
You want the truth to this whole anxiety thing? I hear a yes so here it is:

You Don’t Need To Spend A Fortune To Stop Your Anxiety Naturally!

I just saved you a MINIMUM of $700 per month on anxiety therapy, you’re very welcome. The tools that have worked for many many others are right in front of you in this article, all you have to do is understand them, and begin applying them today.

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3 Big Reasons You Should Consider Alternatives To Anxiety Therapy

truth about anxiety therapy

OK let’s get one thing straight here, I simply have nothing against therapy for anxiety. BUT, saying that i’ll still never be able to get back the THOUSANDS of dollars I spent on anxiety therapy during my 6 year battle with anxiety disorders. But you’re reading this post because you want the truth right? You also want to know if there are better alternatives to anxiety therapy that may be cheaper, and work better in helping you through your anxiety naturally (revealed in my next post) correct?


The Truth Is That Anxiety Therapy Is:

1) Costly

2) Doesn’t work most of the time

3) leaves you in a state of coping

Let’s look at the first one:

The cost.

Don’t be surprised if the cost of therapy builds up your heightened levels of stress and anxiety even more. Therapy for anxiety simply costs you an arm and a leg. At an average of $175 per hour (in Canada) the anxiety therapy business is booming. Most therapists I know are all fully booked and can’t take in anymore clients. Funny thing is, most clients of the anxiety therapy friends I have are all LONG TERM CLIENTS. Which brings me to my second point which is:

It Doesn’t Work Most Of The TimeTherapy for anxiety doesn't work

You heard me right, anxiety therapy doesn’t work… most of the time. Isn’t that just mind blowing when you think about the amount that people spend to get therapy for anxiety? I’ve come to the simple conclusion that anxiety therapists also have to treat this as a business, I mean it is their livelihood right? Which brings us to the simple conclusion that MOST anxiety therapists don’t want to solve your anxiety issues. Instead, they want to feed you a few crumbs here and there so that you keep coming back. How else can you explain the numbers that keep rising in the world of generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder and any other form of mental health challenges?

A State Of Constant Coping With Your Anxiety

Unveiling your past over and over, constantly bringing up the traumatic events that have shaped you to become an anxious wreck, it all just leaves you stuck. The idea of eliminating your anxiety disorder all together and stopping the constant coping cycle, can only be reached when you’ve terminated the anxious programming you are under. This means that you simply MUST stop engaging in consistent conversations about your anxiety, panic, or whatever mental health challenges you face!

During the years of battle with my panic and anxiety there was one thing that kept me in a constant cycle of anxiety, and that was the simple idea of being too scared to fully recover from an anxiety disorder. Believe it or not, the unknown world of full recovery and getting my life back was so foreign and scary to me, that I subconsciously fought the idea. The first step to recovery from an anxiety disorder begins with understanding that becoming a fully functional person again is not only possible, but can be potentially accomplished in a short amount of time as I found out. Once this belief has been implanted in the roots of your mind, only then should you embark on tools and a proven strategy to stop your anxiety disorder naturally.

In the next post i’m going to share with you 3 of the best natural alternatives to anxiety therapy, so don’t forget to follow The Anxious Athlete blog or Like the #1 anxiety support group on Facebook.